Gift Ideas for your Baby’s Easter Basket.


I know Easter is still a good three weeks away, and that we haven’t yet celebrated St. Patty’s day,  but it’s never too soon to start planning! Growing up, all holidays were a fairly big deal in our home. As children, we were always excited for “holidays”. Now, I put holidays in quotations because this included anything from Valentine’s day to Christmas and in between. My mother always did such a wonderful job at making each one unique and involving us as children. We would bake together, decorate the house, shop for new outfits and so much more. I am a self-proclaimed “choco-holic” so Easter was always one of my favourite holidays growing up (Cadbury cream eggs? I’d wait all year for them!).

Some of my fondest memories as a child involve a holiday. This is all thanks to my parents and the effort they put in to make each one extra special for my siblings and I. One of my favourite easter memories, that to this day still stands out, are the footprints (melted chocolate) that the “easter bunny” left all over our house. As a new parent myself, and someone who hates messes, the trouble they must have gone through to form chocolate footprints all over their spotless floors, and then clean them all up – now that’s true love!

The lovely memories I hold near and dear to my heart, are what have contributed to the excitement I have for my newborn son to experience each holiday for the first time. He’s only five and a half months old, but I want to make sure we document all of his “firsts” and that he knows how special a time each one was. With easter quickly approaching, I’m particularly excited for his  basket. I purchased this exact one from Pottery Barn Kids (below) and can’t wait to fill it with goodies!

(Note that Pottery Barn Kids Canada will no longer add a monogram to items)AD1E9041-8541-45E5-8616-6F06F819989A

The following guide includes some of my favourite goodies to include in your newborns easter basket – many of which I will be adding to my sons. Be sure to select each link to view the product and where it can be purchased.

[1] An Easter Book “If I were a bunny” (great for 3+ months)

[2] Rattle Set “My First Easter” (Something to keep them busy on the day of)

[3] Bunny Ears (Super fun for photos with family throughout the day!)

[4] An Easter Outfit (growing up we always dressed up for the occasion!)

[5] Plush Stuffed Bunny (Something your little one will have forever)

[6] Bib “My First Easter 2018” (Great for photos and to add to your childs keepsake box)

[7] Hooded Bunny Towel (Perfect for any upcoming vacations!)

[8] Bubbles (Any dollar store will also have a large selection)

[9] Bunny Socks (Final touch to your easter outfit or any outfit for that matter!)

[10] Bunny Teether (All natural maple wood teether)


BONUS A large Kinder egg for mom and dad!


Happy mommying,

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Tips for Organizing your “Tupperware Cabinet” + how I Organized mine!

Let me begin by saying, you’re not alone! We all have that one drawer or cupboard that is overflowing with something – so much so, you cringe every time you open it. For me, it was my “tupperware cabinet”. Anytime I would reach for something in this space, I’d quickly grab what I could and close the door immediately. The same went for putting things back. I would toss items in faster than you could say “boo”. I finally had enough and decided it was time to tackle this disorganized space! Below, I share tips for organizing your own “tupperware cabinet” – on the cheap and in no time.


[1] Declutter

The first thing you should do is remove everything from this space. Pile all the contents onto your counter and begin sorting. It’s a good idea to consider the following as you decide what you’d like to keep and what you may want to part with.

• The condition of the item (is it peeled, chipped, cracked or stained?)

• How often you actually use the item?

• Are there any pieces missing? If you have lids without containers and containers without lids, it may be time to part with them.


[2] Invest in organizational pieces

I know that the word “invest” may sound costly but I’m here to reassure you, that’s not the case! For my cabinet reorganization I purchased two pieces of shelving ($6.99 ea. regular price) and three baskets from the dollar store ($1.25 ea.). These items will last the test of time and are certainly worth the small investment. Shelving is great because if you’re working in a small space you instantly create more room to store pieces. Baskets allow you to separate and categorize items which is another bonus in my books.


[3] Categorize items (hint: separate lids and containers)

It’s important to organize and categorize your pieces. This will make it much easier for you to locate them when the time comes to retrieve something from this space. It will also make it much easier to put them back once you’re done with them. Categorizing items ensures you avoid future clutter and storing them in baskets makes it really simple to remove in a pinch.


[4] Invest in stackable containers

So here’s that word “invest” again. I personally already owned stackable containers so this tip didn’t apply to me, but they make such a difference! I own both glass containers and plastic stackable ones. Glass containers are great because they are esthetically pleasing and make your space look nice and organized. You can purchase sets for not too much money and the best part is that they don’t stain and are better for your health as they don’t contain the chemicals that plastic ones do. I own this set of glass containers purchased at Walmart for under $21. I also purchased this set of plastic containers (for $10!!) at Walmart and love them because the lids connect to one another which means they’re organizational pieces in themselves!


As always, feel free to leave me a question or comment!

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My Favourite Storage Ottomans

Note: hover over each photo to see where it’s from! Keep reading – links to each product below!

Hey everyone! Having kids can be messy! From dirty clothes, to stinky diapers and toys all over the place! As moms, we already have a list of never-ending chores and half the time it’s impossible to get any of them done. I’ve come to realize that my house is never going to be spotless, especially with a baby who demands my time around the clock and a dog who brings in any and every piece of dirt! With that being said, I still aim to keep our living space neat and tidy. Sure, our side tables and base boards may be dusty and the floors may need to be moped, but if everything is in its place,  it makes squeezing in a “big” clean that much easier! It also keeps me sane, as I’m some what of a clean freak and as the old adage goes “out of sight out of mind”.

One of the key pieces in our living room that helps me to achieve this state of tidiness is our storage ottoman. It is a lifesaver and not only is it a statement piece, it’s so functional and doubles as both storage and additional seating. Ours (pictured Below) is quite large and can hold anything from seasonal decor items such as picture frames and glass pumpkins to accent pillows and Alexander’s diaper warmer. It’s also a great place to toss a few things when you’re in a rush and have last-minute company stopping by.

I purchased ours from Bouclair. Unfortunately it is no longer available, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my other favourite storage ottomans below. They vary in price and are all accessible (both in store and online where you’ll receive it right to your door!).  My picks also do well in both large and small spaces so not to worry, if you’re limited with space!


Bed Bath and Beyond



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