Last Minute Mothers day Gift Guide!


This will be my first Mother’s Day with baby on the outside – because yes, even pregnant, you’re a mama and deserve to be acknowledged! I feel so blessed and lucky to be Alexander’s mommy. He’s the best gift I’ve ever received and can’t imagine my life without him. I’m sure a lot of other moms feel the same way and although gifts are not necessary to celebrate such a day, it’s nice to be acknowledged by your children and spouse.

The older I get, the more I realize time is one of the few things we can’t buy. For that reason, the last few mother’s days I’ve opted to spend time with my mom rather than gifting her something. We’ll usually go for either brunch or dinner and my two other sisters will join. With busy lives, conflicting schedules and often distance, it’s nice to be able to spend some quality time with your mom. I have over the years however, bought her plenty of gifts! So if you’re shopping for a first time mama or looking for gift ideas from your kids to mom, keep reading!

My gift guide includes ideas for every kind of mama. I’ve linked some of my top picks under most of the categories  – simply click on the item. Don’t forget to check back in and let me know how I did? 😉

[For the first time mama]

Monogram anything! I am obsessed with the monogram necklace I was gifted by one of my aunts when Alexander was born. It was such a thoughtful gift and in a time when everything is about baby, it was nice to not be forgotten! In fact, I loved it so much that my husband gifted me a second one for Christmas in a different style. Monogram charms and rings are also a thing and sure to put a smile on any mama’s face! Pandora Jewlery has them all!

[For the sentimental mama]

When it comes to photos, especially in the age of  smartphones, printing copies is just one of those things at the bottom of every moms “to do” list. It’s a great idea in theory, but can be time consuming. If you’re in a pinch and have 24 hours to spare, Costco’s photo center is really simple to use and you can usually pick up your order the next day!

[For the mama who needs some “me time”] 

So this one applies to pretty much every mama out there. Gift certificates for a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage are a great surprise. Do some research before selecting a spa and confirm that there is no expiry date on the certificate. Better yet, take it a step further and book your mother an appointment. This ensures she shows up and wont misplace or forget about your gift.

[For the mama into fitness]

This one is for the mama into fitness. Not the mama you think could use some fitness (do not confuse the two)! Work out gear is always a great option. Running shoes or perhaps even a new pair of yoga pants? Along the lines of yoga, a yoga mat or a set of at home weights (if that’s her thing) are also great gifts. I love The GAP  for their leisure/athletica line as it’s stylish, practical and also very affordable. Click on the link to check out their line of athletic tanks!

[For the mama who loves to cook/bake]

A personalized gift basket filled with goodies for the kitchen! Think towels for spring, that new spiralizer she’s been eyeing, maybe some wine or a personalized mug. The possibilities are endless and this one works with any budget! Don’t be afraid to mix highs with lows. For example, you can purchase a great basket from the dollar store and fill it with goodies from places like Homesense (Home Goods for those of you in the U.S.), William Sonoma and even the grocery store! 

[For the chic mama]

We all know a mom who loves fashion and can never have too many pairs of sunglasses (guilty as charged!). If you have a good idea for what your moms style is like then a new pair of sunglasses or even a hat are going to be your go-to gift. I own this exact pair from Nordstrom and not only are they super affordable, but they’re also in a cat-eye style which is a big trend this year.

[For the mama who has way too many things!]

What better gift then a new bag to carry all of her things? I love this Reversible Faux Leather tote from Nordstrom . It can hold A LOT, the colour is amazing and it’s made sustainably.

[For the mama who doesn’t want anything]

This “I love mom” scented candle from Chapters Indigo, any gorgeous bouquet of flowers or even this Relax bath bomb and lotion set from LUSH Cosmetics are all great options for the mama who says “she doesn’t want or need anything”. Despite what they say, it’s never a good idea to show up empty handed!


Happy mommying,

Jennifer ❌⭕️


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