My Favourite Storage Ottomans

Note: hover over each photo to see where it’s from! Keep reading – links to each product below!

Hey everyone! Having kids can be messy! From dirty clothes, to stinky diapers and toys all over the place! As moms, we already have a list of never-ending chores and half the time it’s impossible to get any of them done. I’ve come to realize that my house is never going to be spotless, especially with a baby who demands my time around the clock and a dog who brings in any and every piece of dirt! With that being said, I still aim to keep our living space neat and tidy. Sure, our side tables and base boards may be dusty and the floors may need to be moped, but if everything is in its place,  it makes squeezing in a “big” clean that much easier! It also keeps me sane, as I’m some what of a clean freak and as the old adage goes “out of sight out of mind”.

One of the key pieces in our living room that helps me to achieve this state of tidiness is our storage ottoman. It is a lifesaver and not only is it a statement piece, it’s so functional and doubles as both storage and additional seating. Ours (pictured Below) is quite large and can hold anything from seasonal decor items such as picture frames and glass pumpkins to accent pillows and Alexander’s diaper warmer. It’s also a great place to toss a few things when you’re in a rush and have last-minute company stopping by.

I purchased ours from Bouclair. Unfortunately it is no longer available, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my other favourite storage ottomans below. They vary in price and are all accessible (both in store and online where you’ll receive it right to your door!).  My picks also do well in both large and small spaces so not to worry, if you’re limited with space!


Bed Bath and Beyond



As always, please feel free to leave me a comment or question!

Happy mommying,

Jennifer ❌⭕️

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