The top 5 Baby Products I Cannot Live Without!

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For first time parents like my husband and I, shopping for baby products can be an overwhelming process. We hadn’t had a baby in our extended families for over 12 years and as technology has evolved very quickly so have baby products. We had found advice from relatives to be quite out dated. In my quest for all things baby, I spent a lot of time online in “mom forums”, reading articles and researching latest products, trends, and consumer reviews. The lists of products were endless – there is something out there for everything (think wipe warmer)! If I wasn’t already feeling confused, I sure was now. To ensure I was organized through this process, I began researching around 4 months into my pregnancy and created lists with products that interested me along with their various price points and where they could be purchased. Staying organized gave me ample time to make sound decisions. I made multiple trips to various retailers( because lets face it, sometimes you just have to see an item in person!) and even dragged my husband out with me a few times.

I was very fortunate to have had a baby shower thrown for me by my family. This allowed me to create a registry for any and all of our desired baby items. I chose to create mine with Babies R US mainly because of how accessible they are with multiple locations across my province and the fact that it truly is a one stop shop. They have everything from baby furniture to nursing attire and anything you can think of in between! Although there are so many amazing products that both my husband and I loved, I’m here to tell you that after experiencing 4 months with a newborn, you absolutely do not need as many things as you think you do. I’ve always been a believer in quality over quantity and this extends to my choices in clothing and footwear. It’s better to invest in pieces that you know are practical and will last the test of time (think a second or third child) than to accumulate a stack of products you may or may not use. With this in mind, please continue reading for my list of the top 5 products I could not live without. Select the product name to link directly to where it can be purchased and to learn more about it.

[4moms] Infant Tub

I mean, really? Would you expect a company founded by women, and moms to not make it on my list? 4moms have an array of amazing products! One of my favourites is their infant tub. It’s ergonomical, sturdy and well thought out. It contains a temperature feature where you simply place the gauge (located on the tub) under running bath water and it will display the water temperature using colours and levels of comfort zones. They make it so easy to know when the water is just right! This tub also comes with a cup that is used to rinse your baby and includes several “valves” that allow for easy draining of bath water. To make things even better, the tub contains a water reservoir that is separate from where baby lays so that you can use the clean water to rinse your baby. I personally use a combination of the clean water as well as empty out the soapy water by opening all valves and adding clean water. 4moms makes bath time a dream! Especially for first time parents who are nervous as ever.

[Graco] Pack ‘n Play Playard

The reasons that this product works for my family are endless! This was actually an item I hadn’t considered until my mother suggested I add it to my registry. It is so versatile and the best part is you can pack it up and take it with you to a friend or relatives home. We spend most of our time on the main level of our home where our living room and kitchen are located. For this reason, the pack ‘n playard has become a lifesaver! For us,  it was not practical to lug the bassinet up and down the stairs twice a day so that our son could nap in it. It was also not practical to bring him back up to his bedroom where the change table resides, each time we had to change a diaper or his outfit (with a baby you will want to take quick action and get things done as soon as possible). This is where the pack ‘n playard comes into the picture! It contains a reversible napper and changer for newborns up to 15 lbs. Once your baby reaches this threshold you will remove the insert and use the mattress located in the actual playard. Up until our son reached 15 lbs we kept all of his diapers, wipes, change of clothes and several toys in a basket that we placed in the pack ‘n playard. Everything looked neat and organized and there was no need to run all over the house to retrieve things.

[Halo] Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Oh Halo, I love your bassinest! I’m smiling as I type this. As a sleep deprived mother and one that is nursing, the last thing you want to constantly do is get in and out of bed to nurse and check on your baby throughout the night. The Halo bassinest offers a plethora of amazing features. To name a few, it has a 360 degree swivel which makes getting in and out of bed easy. The bassinest itself, comes right onto or up to your bed (depending on how you choose to position it) so that you can see baby at your eye level. The front opens right up and you can conveniently remove your baby without leaving your bed! This is especially great if you nurse your baby laying down in bed.

[UPPAbaby] Vista Stroller

I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’ve heard of this brand or done some research into strollers. This is one pricey item! I mean for $1100+ (CAD) you could buy A LOT of things. Strollers are a fairly expensive baby item to begin with. Before you overlook this product let me tell you a bit about what it features. It has the option of carrying more than one child via their rumble seats. It includes a bassinet (for easy transfer from a car seat) but also allows for the option of easily connecting the UPPAbaby Messa carets – think not waking baby when their asleep in the car. You could also technically use the bassinet for sleeping through the night in your home. The basket located at the bottom of the stroller is enormous (by stroller standards)! I’ve done full grocery shops and Costco hauls using this basket – no buggy required! The stroller itself,  is easy to open and close and lighter weight than a lot of others on the market. I cannot say enough about this product! If you’re deciding between the UPPAbaby Vista and another brand that is slightly more economical, I would encourage you to spend the extra money and purchase the UPPAbaby.

[Dorel] Baby Knightly Reclining Glider

This glider has been a life saver! Not only is it stylish, it is comfortable and built to last! Although an investment piece, when baby gets a bit older you can transition this to any other room in your home to instantly elevate the look. The thick padding and plush fabric allow you to sit in this glider for hours (and with a baby you may very well be doing just that). It’s gliding motion allows for rocking baby back and forth and is sure to assist in getting your baby to sleep (I speak from experience here!). It also fully reclines to a laying down position so you can put your feet up and sleep or take a nap in the chair. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Another bonus, It’s 360 degree swivel makes it convenient to turn completely around and grab things close by (I always keep my pump near by).

Please keep in mind that this post was created solely on the experiences and opinions of both myself and my husband. I understand and respect that others may feel differently or have had different experiences.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or question!

Happy mommying,

Jennifer ❌⭕️





3 thoughts on “The top 5 Baby Products I Cannot Live Without!

  1. Great list! My differs than yours a bit- unfortunately my son didn’t sleep in the halo bassinet so that was a total waste of money for me!! But I’ve always wondered if I should get the 4moms bathtub and you’ve convinced me- thanks!!


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