Pantry Reorganization – Before and After

Hi everyone! How many times have you gone into your pantry or cupboard and looked for something that you know is there, but just can’t find? I’m sure the answer is many times! It happens to me more than it probably should. Then there’s those times when you surprisingly find what you’re looking for, but knock over five other items trying to retrieve the one. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” was just not working for me any longer and I knew something had to be done. I had attempted to  previously clean out my pantry on multiple occasions, but decided that it was FINALLY time to do it properly.

I’m here to show you how for less than $40 (and a little bit of time) you can transform this space just like I did! This can be an overwhelming process for many, especially if your pantry is stocked with items like mine was. Just remember that it’s just that – a process. Take everything one step at a time (and breath!). I think that a lot of people equate an organized pantry to a large space, and this couldn’t be more far from the truth. My pantry is on the smaller end and I’m quite happy with the transformation.

For a Organizaed Pantry of Your own, Follow the Steps Below:

  • Take all of the existing items out of your pantry. You’ll want to ensure you have ample clear counter space for this step.


  • Review expiry dates. Review each item and toss out anything that is no longer good. You may also want to consider discarding items that you know (deep down) will go to waste in future. For example, that half eaten tray of cookies that aren’t expired but probably don’t taste so good and also aren’t in line with your new diet.


  • Group like items together. Think pastas, seasonings, cereals, granola bars etc.


  • Purchase or repurpose jars, containers and baskets. These will be used for storing pantry items such as rice, cereal, pasta, legumes and so much more. I say repurpose because you may very well have items around the house that you can use. I was able to locate and use two white baskets that we already had for our pantry. An added bonus of using glass containers and jars is that they make the items in them look more appetizing (think almonds) and you’ll know exactly what you have available for cooking, in a pinch!


  • Label all items. This is important because it will help you to easily retrieve items when you need to grab something quuckly. Labels are also helpful for the little ones in your home.


  • Create a list of “cooking times”. So you’ve emptied all of your items into jars and your pantry looks pristine. A week later you go to make some rice only to realize that you threw the box away. It’s a wise idea to create a list of pantry items with their cooking times prior to discarding boxes. This will come into handy for things like pasta or quinoa .


All jars and containers used in my pantry reorganization were purchased at the Dollar Store (yup, the Dollar Store!!).

If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a note.

Happy mommying,

Jennifer ❌⭕️



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3 thoughts on “Pantry Reorganization – Before and After

  1. Wowww the organized pantry looks amazing!
    Love the tips I will for sure be using them in the near future.
    I have totally neglected my kitchen space after having my daughter!
    Thank you and happy mommying to you too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow you’ve totally inspired me to spruce up my pantry! Can’t believe you found all the storage items at the dollar store. Great to see that looking good doesn’t have to be expensive.


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