How we Organized our Sons Nursery


So you’ve made it to the halfway mark of your pregnancy, or perhaps a little further and you’re ready to get this baby out of you! This can be an exhausting time, but there is fun to be had. Planning for your baby’s nursery, especially if you love decorating (and who are we kidding, shopping!) like I do, can bring lots of fun to an otherwise uncomfortable time.

If you’re someone who sits on the other side of the fence on this, then you may feel it’s quite a daunting task. Not to worry, regardless of your level of expertise, I’m here to help! Let’s begin with the basics – the items you will need to complete the room.

Basic Nursery Items:

  • Crib
  • Mattress (including sheets)
  • Change table (including pad and sheets)

Additional Items if Budget Permits, that are Really Useful:

Dresser. If you’ve accumulated quite a bit of clothing up to this point, a dresser is most likely necessary.

Change table and dresser combo. Yes, another dresser – because you can never have too much storage! It’s also quite common these days to find dresser/change table combinations. Talk about space saver? These are great for those of you working with limited space.

Glider or rocking chair. Although an investment, this is a life-saver. A glider will come in handy in the early days when baby is waking to feed multiple times throughout the night. You will want to set yours up in whichever room you will share with baby for the first few months. We originally placed ours in his nursery only to realize it’s much more practical to have it in our master bedroom. When you’re a first time mother waking up a handful of times through the night, the last thing you want to do is wander the halls to get to the glider!

Diaper Genie. This one is self-explanatory! You will want a diaper genie for easy disposal and management (keeps in any odors) of your little ones diapers. They are available in all types of colours and are more an accessory than anything.

Mirror.  This is also considered an accessory, but mirrors are staples in any room. Also a bonus, because as your baby grows you will find they love looking at themselves in mirrors.

Bins and storage baskets. Bins and baskets are another life-savers and can both brighten and elevate any space! They are the perfect way to bring in a sense of your personal style while also keeping all of baby’s most prized possessions organized!

Clothing hangers. Hangers can be used to display items such as outfit sets, pants, shirts, jackets and so forth. You will want to store most items such as sleepers, socks, towels and blankets in either bins, or a dresser.

Shelving. Shelves are an excellent space saver. If you’re limited with closet and dresser space, consider displaying books or toys on a floating shelf!

Accessories (wall art, stuffed animals, pillows, stools, picture frames, lamps etc.) Accessories will help to bring your theme together (if you have one) and make the space unique and your baby’s own. We added a picture board, mirror, stool and a few other items to pull our baby’s room together.

Also consider the following:

The size of the room.

This will dictate how many pieces of furniture you can fit in the room. Realistically, you will need a crib and a change table. Ideally two dressers would be nice, but this isn’t always visible, both cost and space wise.

The colour you will be painting the room. 

The colour you paint the room will dictate the colour or finish of furniture you select. White furniture goes well with pretty much any type of colour palette, so if you know this is what you’re going for then you won’t need too heavily on paint colours. For example, grey furniture with brown walls.

A theme you’d like to use when decorating (if any). 

Very similar to choosing furniture, a theme can also dictate what type of colour palette you will mostly likely gravitate towards. Think nautical or princess – I’m sure the colours that come to mind are blue and pink.

Your budget. 

Your budget will determine what products you’re looking for and where you will want to search.

Where we Shopped for our Nursery:

Crib – Leon’s

Change table/dresser combination – Leon’s

Glider – Baby’s Room

Mattress – Babiese R Us

Rug – Homesense (Queen West Trading Co.)

Stool – Homesense (Queen West Trading Co.)

Toy Bin – Homesense (Queen West Trading Co.)

Love you to the moon and back – Target

Hamper – Target

Storage baskets – Homesense and Winners


Happy mommying,

Jennifer ❌⭕️

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